Monday, March 25, 2013


There is a glorious and experientially romantic word in Brazilian Portuguese: cafune - to tenderly run your fingers through your lover’s hair. Just thinking about it makes me tingle a little and crave it. Having someone tuck a lock of hair behind your ear is seductive, suggestive and intimate. Stroking and playing with someone’s hair can convey intense love or get things heated up pretty quickly.

Our hair plays an important role in our sensuality and sexuality, so taking care of it, choosing the right style and maintaining its health are indeed part of our Intimate Fitness™.
When hair loss strikes, we understandably freak out. The main cause of hair loss is due to DHT, stress or is estrogen related (usually post pregnancy). There is also less common immune related hair loss (the body attacking the hair follicles internally). 95% of men and women lose hair due to DHT, when naturally occurring testosterone is converted by an enzyme (5AR) into DHT. DHT causes the shedding and thinning of hair. Happily we have a helpful solution for this, Zenagen Revolve - a hair care system which naturally acts to block the enzyme that creates DHT.

Stress and estrogen hair loss are just as worrisome as DHT. Dry, brittle and over worked hair also takes a toll on some of our sex appeal and hair pride.

The cellular growth in our scalp becomes less efficient as we age or stress, like an engine that has a clogged motor. The mitochondria in our cells slow, our hair thins, loses luster or falls out.

Fortunately, Zenagen Evolve can help with these issues and can also repair dry, heat or chemically damaged hair. This hair care system acts to speed up the pace of the mitochondria, and “clean out the engine” to increase hair growth up to 40%. During a personally very stressful time, my drain was dense with my hair every time I washed it. Using Zenagn Evolve, there is now hardly anything in the drain, and two thirds of the hair I lost is back! I also love Zenagen products because they use natural compounds to topically correct these problems and nothing is absorbed systemically. Zenagen is only available in salons.

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